Emergency Water Services Before Disasters Whenever natural calamity strikes, there is always a lot of destruction that it leaves behind. Every affected person‘s life suddenly comes to a standstill. Basic amenities like water, food, electricity et cetera can all be cut off. In order to avoid this situation, having an emergency backup option is necessary. Not that the other amenities aren’t necessary, but water especially is needed for basic life

Although it didn’t cause any widespread damage or injury, Utahns got a wake-up call when an earthquake of magnitude 2.6 hit near Saratoga Springs in 2019. This demanded them to see the bigger picture and get ready for a bigger quake. The Utah Division of Emergency Management issued a statement according to which Utah experiences about 700 to 800 earthquakes per year. While most earthquakes aren’t big enough to cause

Surewater vs. ReadyMadeWater Are you looking for a water storage solution that could help you during emergencies? If not, you should definitely start looking for one. Just think about it – not having water to drink – sounds rather scary, doesn’t it? With the help of an emergency water storage, you will never have to worry about this. Especially, during the time of emergencies. The next issue that you have

Who is ReadyMadeWater? A brainchild of Neil Hansen who was a former municipal water department employee, ReadyMadeWater was founded in the year 2008. Hansen wanted to create a system that was stable and safe to help store and rotate water for private and commercial use. When Hansen saw a local hospital lose its access to the city water system for several hours, he came up with an idea to have

Info about commercial water storage. At present, there are people who still consider emergency water storage an afterthought. In today’s generation of “build it and plug it”, people aren’t realizing that in the event of a natural disaster, everything including power, gas, and water will come to a standstill. Just imagine how will we function then? After the deadly hurricanes that shook the United States in the year 2004 and