Boil Water Advisory - Do I need to do it?

Boil Water Advisory – Do I need to do it?

A water boil advisory is a big deal. If you recently have experienced this, we completely understand the disruption in your life and water supply. This is one of the very reasons we have this product on the market today! Our system allows you to rotate and isolate your water storage so you can use it in a time of need, when you need it most!

We have two different sizes of tanks that will fit any need. We recommend the 120 gallon tank. Our tanks also can be installed in series so you can expand your water storage supply when needed, and as often as you’d like.

Every facility is different and when you have a boil water advisory, it is something you need to take serious. There are a lot of elements that can contaminate your water so following the boil water advisory, will help you keep your water safe.

Why do I need a boil water advisory for my water?

boil water advisory

Sometimes thing happen and we can’t control that. Having water in a time of need it always critical in sustaining life and being prepared should always be a concern. Boiling water can’t be time consuming and even more so if you don’t have power or a heat source.

Other times, contaminates can enter the water and making it harder to boil out, such as what has been happening in Flint, Michigan. Other toxins can be much harder to eradicate but taking precautionary measures are the best ways to prepare.

With the ReadyMadeWater system, it can either be continuously rotated or isolated, thus protecting your water supply.

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