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Buy Water Storage Tanks

Purchase your LAST water storage system.

When purchasing your water storage tanks, please look below for the sizes and make sure they will fit where you are planning on placing them. One thing to remember when purchasing is that you can take this with you when you move, which makes it a great investment just like a fridge or other household appliances.

Each ReadyMadeWater Storage System comes with everything needed:

Either 80 or 120 Gallon Tank
50 ft of Poly Pipe
Fittings (to build the manifold)
Ball Valves and other Valves
Quick Release Tool for Fittings
Pressurizing system
Instruction Manual

If you are purchasing an additional tank, it will include the following:

Tank Size – 80 Gallon or 120 Gallon
All fittings
Other Valves

**Tax only applies in Utah.**


These are the two sizes of residential water storage tanks. These tanks hold up to 75 PSI.

80 gallon water tank = 21″ diameter, 63″ in height and 43 lbs empty
$1,249.99 + tax 

80 gallon water tank without manifold and pump
$1,149.99 + tax 

120 gallon water tank = 24″ diameter, 73″ in height and 63 lbs empty
$1,449.99 + tax 

120 gallon water tank without manifold and pump
$1,349.99 + tax