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Commercial Water Storage Tanks

ReadyMadeWater is currently developing commercial grade water storage / retention tanks that allow more water at higher volumes for commercial water storage tank applications. While our residential tanks are ideal for a home setting, we are striving to meet the demands. Commercialized water needs for industrial, manufacturing and hospitality industries is growing and we want to meet those needs. Our research and development teams are currently testing the following tank sizes for future sales. Each tank will be equipped with 3″ attachments for commercial use.

  • 245 gallon tank – 36″ diameter – 89″ in height – 466lbs empty weight
  • 340 gallon tank – 42″ diameter – 86″ in height – 682lbs empty weight
  • 460 gallon tank – 48″ diameter – 91″ in height – 750lbs empty weight

Please contact us for more information as we are in our final stages of testing.