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Large Water Storage Tank

The IDEAL home water storage solution for larger families!

RMW 120 Gallon Tanks


The RMW120 is the larger of the two in-home water storage solutions. While the larger tank does take up slightly more room on installation, it continues to be an very economic solutions for those with growing families.

Families with four or more people will likely want/require a larger tank and the RMW 120 gallon is the perfect solution. This tank holds 50% more water than the RMW80 gallon tanks, offering increased peace-of-mind and an alternative option to adding multiple units to increase your water storage supply.

Having a larger water storage system in place, to replace your 55 gallon barrels will give you all that you need when you need it.  So often you think it will be ok, until the moment you need it most.  Going bigger is better because you have more resources when you need them for your family.