LifeTank VS ReadyMadeWater – Residential Water Storage - Compare

LifeTank VS ReadyMadeWater – Residential Water Storage

Who is ReadyMadeWater?

A brainchild of Neil Hansen who was a former municipal water department employee, ReadyMadeWater was founded in the year 2008. Hansen wanted to create a system that was stable and safe to help store and rotate water for private and commercial use.

When Hansen saw a local hospital lose its access to the city water system for several hours, he came up with an idea to have a backup water storage supply in the case of an emergency. What makes ReadyMadeWater unique from other companies is that they are the patent holders of the water storage apparatus that others now seem to have replicated over time.

The water storage system is pressurized. It can even be operated by a 12V pump in the absence of adequate pressure. The need to maintain the stored water by getting it refreshed, rotated and chemically treated is also eliminated by RMW’s storage system. 

Who is LifeTank?

LifeTank is a flagship product of Live Systems Group, Inc. It is a subsidiary of Global Research and Technology Corporation and a California Corporation. They claim to have a backup system that is newly designed and can automatically make water available during emergencies.

Just like ReadyMadeWater, LifeTank wants to eliminate the need for rotation, filtration, and purification of water that can be used for household as well as commercial needs. Nearly five years later than ReadyMadeWater, the designer, Mick Benson made this system that still has a patent-pending for its design. If there is an interruption in the public or private water supply, a LifeTank can make water available to you in such situations.

Does LifeTank or ReadyMadeWater Have a Patent?

As mentioned above, ReadyMadeWater does have a patent for its water storage system. In fact, they are the only patented inline water storage system in the market. The concept test was carried out in the year 2003, and after proving to be an excellent model, the company came into existence in 2008.

On the other hand, LifeTank does not have a patent for its water storage systems. Of course, they have filed for it but it is still awaiting confirmation.

What does ReadyMadeWater Have that LifeTank Doesn’t?

From the time of its establishment, many people have chosen ReadyMadeWater for its quality and durability. Even after being one of a kind storage system, it is still easy to install and maintain.

LifeTank Water Storage

By installing these storage systems, people can have uninterrupted access to both hot and cold water. Not only are the water storage tanks self-rotating, but they also have an automatic shutoff ability that engages the system to retain water even during a water crisis.

ReadyMadeWater water storage system has a pump that can help to adjust the pressure as needed. Also, buyers can have free access to the system by gravity-fed spigots as well.

It’s said that an average American moves homes about 11.7 times in a lifetime. This creates a need for a water system that can be flexible enough to be carried to a new home considering the amount of investment one has to make in installing it. ReadyMadeWater storage system helps you do just that. The main water tank can be easily disconnected and reinstalled at your new place. The only thing you need to take care of is to fix a singular pipe to have it functioning again.

The Different Types of Markets that Need Water Storage

We are all well aware of how all personal, commercial, and industrial sectors require access to water for their very existence. Every private residence and business can benefit from getting a pressurized water supply protecting the water from becoming stagnant and impure.

All private homes require access to clean drinking water. Family members, as well as pets, need water to carry out activities for hygiene, cooking, drinking, etc., purposes. For commercial use too, there are just so many companies that require water 24 x 7. These include hospitals, stadiums, churches, clinics and so on. Then there are also conference centers, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies to name a few more as well.

For residential and commercial use, water storage tanks have to be of the correct capacity meeting all your safety and storage requirements. You have to take into consideration the size of your family. It’s quite obvious that for a larger sized family, you will need more water and vice versa. Pets like dogs and cats have specific water needs too. For commercial or industrial uses, you’ll need to chalk out the total water requirement to keep your company functioning without any interruption. This requirement should include both critical and non-critical purposes.

A lot of families and businesses forget to consider water requirements at times of emergency power cuts when this is an important part of the total water usage as well.

After finding out the total water requirement, you will need to segregate them into potable and non-potable categories. For example, at home, you need clean water for drinking and cooking but for flushing, washing vehicles or cleaning your house, etc., non-potable water would do. Also, in cases of hospitals, another provision needs to be made for sterile water as well.

Towns and Cities have Water Storage Systems But, Does Your Home?

Emergency water storage is a phenomenon that everyone is gradually becoming acquainted with. As per FEMA, every individual should have sufficient water to last them for three days in case of unforeseen emergencies. It’s often said that 1-gallon of water per day per individual would be enough to sustain life.

Many of us store water at homes in ways which we deem as correct. Some of us make use of regular water bottles, 5-gallon water jugs, or even the empty Gatorade and fruit juice containers lying around in our houses. For your home, you need to take care to ensure that your stored water is free from any contamination. A water reservoir is one of the best ways to store water for a month or longer safely. Also known as cisterns, they are made of food-grade plastic or concrete and are incredibly spacious making it perfect for a big-sized family. However, you have to take into consideration the size of your house and your budget as well.

While we’re at this topic of discussion, let us take into account a situation where we’ve finished all of our available water supply. In such cases, you need to find out other emergency alternatives. This can be your local water source. Once you have got that figured out, you need to find appropriate treatment options for them. This is because stored water can be easily polluted or become stale. Hence, efficient treatment and rotation are important.

Keeping the limitations of a water reservoir in mind, it is better to opt for inline water storage to enjoy purified and ample water. This method gives you a direct connection between your water storage system and waterline making it really convenient. Furthermore, to avoid making your water stagnant, the need to rotate it periodically can also be achieved by the self-rotating water storage systems offered by ReadyMadeWater.

Large Water Tanks vs. Small Water Tanks

Both ReadyMadeWater and LifeTank offer the 80-gallon at 120-gallon tanks serving as the small water tank and large water tank options respectively. The RMW 80-gallon tank, for example, can provide water for around 20 days for a family of four. As for the RMW 120-gallon tank, you get about 50% more water storage capacity.

It should also be noted that the ReadyMadeWater storage system also provides the option of connecting these tanks together for unlimited water storage. Not a lot of companies have this facility available with their water tanks. You can also install as many water tanks as you have space for without burning a hole in your pocket. The company has carefully decided on the prices of the tanks to make it affordable for larger groups of people. 

Instead of stacking several water barrels for storage, you get a complete solution for your water needs with these water tanks. By installing these, you will never have to worry about storing water. Even during emergencies, you’ll have access to water from the comfort of your home.

Pointers to Help You Find Out the Correct Water Storage Tank

Different companies provide different types of water storage tanks. As a buyer, you need to assure that you get the best value and right capacity storage tank. Read on as we discuss these pointers.

  • The Material Used for Tank Construction

The volume of the water tank plays an important role here. Often for larger volumes, concrete or steel tanks are constructed.

  • The Scope for Future Expansion

This point especially needs to be considered by commercial firms. With the growing demand, water tank capacity might need to be expanded down the line. Also, whether or not the water tanks are portable should be found out as well.

ReadyMadeWater water tanks provide the option to expand the water storage capacity as well as portability.

  • The Size of the Tank

In the case of our homes, space can be more or less restricted. Hence, before placing an order for a water tank, find out its dimensions. For smaller spaces, buying a tank with a smaller diameter and taller height would do the trick. 

If you don’t have to worry about space, a water tank that is shorter in height with a wider diameter would be more preferable.

  • The Experience and Goodwill of the Vendor

The only way that goodwill can be developed in the market is when the company sells quality products and services. Since you are going to be placing the safety of you and your family’s health in someone else’s hands; you need to ensure that the water storage system has a customer-centric business module.

Read customer reviews of the company in order to establish goodwill and the experience of previous customers with the company. If you find that the company can be trusted, you may go ahead and place your order for their water tanks.

Can LifeTank Meet Your Water Demand Efficiently?

Choosing the correct water storage system becomes even more important as water is such an essential part of our daily life – personal and professional. Whether or not, LifeTank can handle the demand remains uncertain but ReadyMadeWater surely can.

RMW can provide water storage solutions to residential, new construction and commercial applications. In addition to the 80-gallon and 120-gallon water tanks for residential use; RMW has already developed commercial water storage tanks available in 245-gallon, 340-gallon, and 460-gallon capacity. These tanks allow more storage capacity and higher volumes for various commercial applications. Hospitality, industrial, and manufacturing industries can take advantage of the commercial water storage tanks to meet their daily requirements. These water tanks also come equipped with 3” attachments.

To put it into perspective, with the RMW water system, you get a patented technology that can be directly connected to your home water line as well as the commercial water line. Due to their excellent quality and customer service, they have established goodwill in the market; with many people turning to the company to put an end to all their water woes. Even though LifeTank claims to make similar offers, they lack the state-of-the-art system and a patent. After all, there is a reason why originality is important. With a mission statement of “Sustaining Life With You In Mind“, ReadyMadeWater, LLC is a combination of the best quality and affordable water storage systems available at your service.