New Water Storage Technology

New Water Storage Technology

Are you ready? For the next big emergency or natural disaster?

The best solution for your in-home water storage!

ReadyMadeWater is new water storage technology that is patented technology and uses the plumbing of your home or facility to store water for times of emergency. We have put water storage where it belongs, directly in the plumbing. These water tanks are plumbed right into your existing infrastructure! With our system, every time you turn on a tap or flush the toilet, you are automatically refreshing your water storage! Fresh water will always be ready, at any time you need it! That’s how we decided on the name, ReadyMadeWater.

No more rotating gallon jugs, pop bottles, or 55 gallon barrels.

This smart water storage system from ReadyMadeWater is operated by utilizing 80-gallon or 120-gallon tanks that can be pressurized up to 100psi. One of the best options you have is being able to install and add as many tanks together as you have room for. This allows for a greater supply of water.

In the event of a power outage, our system includes a 12-volt pump, a trickle charger to maintain a charge, and will engage when you need to use your water, and turn off when you’re not using your water. This enables you to utilize both hot and cold running water to take a shower, do laundry, cook, and flush the toilet, even though the water has been cut off from the outside source. When the emergency happens outside of your home, you will have fresh water inside!

Our water storage system is priced to be comparable to a major appliance in you home. You can also take this with you if you ever decide to move, just like your appliances.

To purchase a ReadyMadeWater storage system, please check out our buy page for more info! Prepare today for the next emergency tomorrow! Remember, it is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

4x4x4 Lifeline Rule:

You can only live:
Four minutes without air.
Four days without water.
Four weeks without food.