SureWater VS. ReadyMadeWater - What water system is the best?

SureWater VS. ReadyMadeWater

Surewater vs. ReadyMadeWater

Are you looking for a water storage solution that could help you during emergencies? If not, you should definitely start looking for one.

Just think about it – not having water to drink – sounds rather scary, doesn’t it?

With the help of an emergency water storage, you will never have to worry about this. Especially, during the time of emergencies.

The next issue that you have to tackle is to find a company that you can trust for water storage solutions. 

In this article, two reputed companies, ReadyMadeWater and SureWater come face-to-face. We will compare their water storage tanks and their pros and cons. Read on to determine which company can meet your water demands in the most efficient manner.

Company Profile – RMW vs. SureWater

Who is ReadyMadeWater?

ReadyMadeWater or RMW came into existence in 2008 and was founded by Neil Hansen, a former municipal water department employee. After seeing a local hospital lose access to the city water system for hours, Hansen was inspired to create a self-rotating water storage system that made available cleaner and more stable water to private residences as well as commercial businesses.

The water storage system offered by ReadyMadeWater can be operated by a 12 V pump as it’s already pressurized. So, even if the pressure is insufficient, you will continue to get smooth access to clean water. Also, you don’t need to worry about water rotation or chemically treating the water to keep it free from harmful infiltrations – the water storage technology of RMW already has it covered.

The concept by Hansen for ReadyMadeWater was tested in 2003 and soon, he was able to create a backup water storage system that could be used for emergencies helping to sustain the very lives of its customers. 

The fact that RMW has a patent takes it notches above from its competitors. Now, of course, you might see similar water storage apparatuses but, the design is actually the brainchild of Hansen that has now been replicated by the company’s rivals. With ReadyMadeWater you can be assured of quality and excellent service that is well worth the investment you are making in it.

Who is SureWater?

SureWater makes available water storage solutions for at-home and care center purposes. They claim to have done the research to find the best products to give you a combination of water tanks along with the other required accessories for hassle-free water storing.

A family company, SureWater has been in the business for many years. Just like RMW, they have hands-on expertise in many areas such as pressure tanks, storage systems, pipelines, and pump-storage engineering. They have spacious water tanks complete with brass spigots or brass valve caps.

They have a client base ranging from residential to renowned hotels to resorts. The company has also provided water solutions to municipal water operations. The main aim of SureWater is to make sure that their customers have continued supply to clean water with the help of their water storage solutions and water preparedness resources. Still needing to be rotated in person

Owning a Patent – RMW vs. SureWater

In this world, originality is sadly becoming rare. Due to this, the companies that work hard to come up with original and creative ideas to make your life easier should, most certainly, be recognized. ReadyMadeWater is one such company.

RMW has a patent for its water storage system which, in turn, makes them the only patented in-line water storage system on the market.

SureWater, even after being in the business for years, does not own any patents and neither has it filed for any.

What Does ReadyMadeWater Have that SureWater Doesn’t? 

Saying life is unpredictable is a very tame way to describe it. You can never be sure what it has in store for you. One issue you have to be prepared for is in the case of natural calamities. Or, in situations when there is a shortage of water supply in your city or town. 

Thankfully, more people are becoming aware of the necessity of having an emergency water storage program. FEMA has issued guidelines according to which every individual should have adequate water supply to last for at least three days during unforeseen situations. 

A good rule of thumb is to have one gallon of water per day for every individual in your home. In case you have pets, you need to have provisions for them as well.

ReadyMadeWater makes the point to give its customers a state-of-the-art water storage technology that is still easy to install and maintain. Even the current customers of the company are all praises for the company due to its high-quality and durability.

ReadyMadeWater believes in flexibility and has made available water storage tanks in two capacity for residential purposes – the 80-gallon and 120-gallon water tanks.

The RMW 80-gallon water tank is perfect for a 20-day water supply for a family of four. If you are looking for an efficient and affordable option, this can be your go-to choice. On the other hand, the RMW 120-gallon water tank is better suited for larger families offering about 50% more water storage capacity.

For residential purposes, SureWater has a 260-gallon water storage tank that is BPA-free. Now, you must be thinking that the tank has a greater capacity than RMW. But, the biggest advantage of RMW is that you can connect the residential water tanks together making way for unlimited water storage. So, if you put three RMW tanks together you get 360-gallons of water that are already rotated and comes with an automatic shut-off ability. These two facilities aren’t offered by Surwater. Plus, if you have a smaller family, opting for a smaller storage tank would be more feasible for you.

Since the price tag for RMW water storage systems is on the economical side, you can install as many water tanks as you want without having to empty your bank account.

Another advantage of RMW is that you can easily assemble, dismantle and reassemble the tanks. This, in turn, gives you the added benefit of portability. Only a singular pipe has to be installed to get the water tank operating again.

surewater tanks

The Reason Why You Should Opt for ReadyMadeWater Tanks

In addition to a patent, easy portability, higher quality, and flexible water storage capacity, ReadyMadeWater has other plus points which makes it the first choice for many buyers.

We have already mentioned how the tanks are pressurized. The tanks can hold up to 125 PSI for pressure making it a complete solution for urgent situations. Also, the system has a pump that can easily adjust to the pressure as needed.

You do not have to stack several barrels or containers for storing water. Since the water system can be directly connected to your water line, you can enjoy unlimited hot and cold water supply from the very comfort of your home.

The other benefit is the total absence of connecting any hoses due to the direct water line offered by the company. While Safe Water takes pride in supplying lead-free drinking water hose, RMW has done away with this need making it much more convenient for its customers.

Even if your home is situated in remote areas, you can install the RMW water storage system. You just require a tank and you will be good to go. Also, you get a comfortable admittance to the system by gravity-fed spigots as well.

Meeting Your Water Demands – ReadyMadeWater vs. Safe Water

When you choose a water storage system, you have to be very careful. Not only should you take into consideration the quality of the tanks, but you also have to focus on the brand’s reputation and the service provided. While Safe Water is a good company yet, whether or not it can handle your water demands efficiently remains uncertain. On the other hand, ReadyMadeWater, with its water tank options, can definitely be a better choice.

You can install water storage systems for residential or commercial applications. Whatever be your requirement, RMW can help you out. 

Yes, in addition to the 80-gallon and 120-gallon water tanks, the company also has commercial water storage tanks in 245-gallon, 340-gallon, and 460-gallon capacities. These tanks are specially designed to provide higher volume, greater storage capacity, and come equipped with 3” attachments. Keeping in mind the obligations of commercial organizations like hospitality, manufacturing, and industries, these tanks will suit them well.

To conclude, with their mission statement of “Sustaining life with you in mind“ ReadyMadeWater LLC gives you a patented technology for your residential and commercial water woes. Safe Water lacks the flexibility and versatility that RMW can provide making the latter more preferable.

Choosing ReadyMadeWater gives you excellent customer service along with quality water storage solutions – all at an affordable price.