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Water Storage Tanks

Residential And Commercial Water Tanks

A 80 gallon water tank and a 120 gallon water tank.  The 80 gallon tank is 21″ in diameter, 63″ in height and 43 lbs when empty. The 120 gallon tank is 24″ in diameter, 73″ in height and 63 lbs when empty. Residential tanks are built to withstand the normal standardized pressure of up to 100 PSI.  Both sizes of tanks can handle typical pressure and can also be combined in series, giving you the opportunity to store as much water as you would like.

Being able to add more storage tanks gives you the ability to meet your needs without compromising any space for your water or food storage.  With the ease that comes from adding tanks, these tanks don’t have to be put right next to each other so you can maximize your space and put them where you want or need to.

Suggested places to install a ReadyMadeWater storage system:

  • Basement
  • Storage Rooms
  • Garage
  • Insulated Shed*
  • * Although an insulated shed may be an option, it’s not recommended. When storing in an insulated shed, temperatures may play a factor and the tanks may still freeze.  Unless you have 100% control over the temperature of the shed, it’s not recommended.