The Best Emerengy Home Water Storage System on the Market Today!

Why ReadyMadeWater is the Best Emergency Home Water Storage System

A home is supposed to be our safe place, a place where we can seek refuge from everything bad that’s going around in the world, not excluding an emergency home water storage system. Just think about it, shouldn’t it also be a place where you can find everything you need? Especially water in a time of need?

The term “emergency water storage“ is something that most of us are familiar with. But, how many of us have actually taken steps to ensure that we have a solid water backup plan in a time of need and during a disaster or emergencies?

The human body can go for three weeks without food but only three days without water. You can surely imagine the importance of having a backup water storage option for sustenance. Life is anything but predictable. We can never be too sure what the future has in store for us and hence, now is the time that we should start taking water shortages and water storage programs more seriously.  With the progress in time, many companies have recognized this need. Currently, there are many brands that are selling water storage systems for homes and commercial buildings that can be accessed during a natural disaster or other emergencies but nothing as effective and efficient as our patented technology. Thus, it is also advisable for you to get a storage system installed in your home as soon as you can, to keep you and your family safe. 

But before that, there are a couple of pointers that you need to be aware of when you set out to choose a water storage system for your home. Read on as we discuss these pointers in more detail below.

1. The Amount of Water that You Need

The rule of thumb is to have 1 gallon per person for each day. But, then again, how many days would you need this for? And then, there are other considerations like medical emergencies, people suffering from diseases, children, nursing mothers, etc. And, let us not forget our beloved pets. Dogs and cats have specific water needs as well.

To make things easier for you, ReadyMadeWater has provided a calculator that can help you determine exactly how much water you need to store. After you’ve found out the total water need, start working towards a storage solution that can meet those needs.

2. Don’t Use Just Any Type of Plastic for Storing Your Water

Research the type of material used for manufacturing the water tanks before buying. There are many customers who are particular about the material. If you’re one of them then you know what to do. As for water storage systems, it is important to select a water tank that is UV-resistant and is made of food-grade plastic. Furthermore, there are many grades of plastic. The best kind for storage purposes is the polyethylene-based ones as they can keep the water safe without contaminating it themselves. 

Emergency home water storage system
You emergency home water storage system for your disaster plan.

General plastic containers that are biodegradable or disposable are not suited for long-term storage. Milk containers, for example, can make you ill if any live bacteria or chemicals from them get mixed with the water. The other alternative is using metallic bags or stainless steel but you’ll have to avoid chlorine as it has a corrosive effect on steel. The choice is yours but you do need to be careful. It is better to not risk just anything when it comes to one’s health.

3. A Water Storage System that is Self-rotating

While it is true that water does not have an expiration date, it can taste flat when it is stored for a long period of time. This is because stored water has no contact with oxygen. In general cases, a good swirl can help you to get rid of the funny taste. Even so, the longer the water sits, the higher the chances of it becoming unusable or unstable.

It is important to seal and store water so as to prevent any contamination in it. Otherwise, the water can be chemically or biologically contaminated by bacteria or other undesirable additions.

Hence, self-rotating water systems are needed to get rid of the flat taste without any extra effort from you.

4. The Size and Price of the Water Storage System

Before you settle on any water storage system, you need to research about the size and price of the system, in exactly that order.

You need to figure out what is the daily water requirements for all your homely activities are. Then, you need to see how much space you have in your home. If you’re specific about the appearance of your home, choose a place where you’d want to install your water tank in. Usually, an 80-gallon or a 120-gallon water tank work best for any type of home, ultimately depending on your family needs.

Next, of course, is your budget. Try to avoid water storage systems that are beyond your budget. Many established companies are offering quality water tanks without burning a hole in your pocket. You just need time to research companies that fit within your budget constraints.

5. The Durability of the Water Storage System

You have to be prepared for investing in your water storage systems because it’s that important. We focus on quality and affordability. And, since you are already spending a considerable amount of money, you deserve your money‘s worth. Only go for a water storage system that is durable and has longevity. You must be thinking how can you determine this beforehand? Well, we do have an answer.

Customer Reviews.

Read as many customer reviews and testimonials that you can about the water storage system and water tanks. Many customers give a detailed account of their experience with a product. Of course, there will be a mixture of both, positive reviews and negative reviews. Use your judgment to settle on a company that is reliable and trustworthy.

6. The Portability Factor of the Water Storage System

Buying a water storage system is nothing short of an investment. After all, you do spend a substantial amount of money when you purchase and have it installed. It is only fair for you to move your water tanks with you whenever you decide to change houses.

This is an important point which many people tend to ignore. There are reputable companies that offer tank designs that can be dismantled and reassembled with equal ease. So, choose a company that protects your investment who offer products of which give you a portability option.

7. The Reputation, Goodwill and Customer Service of the Company

Water is important and even more important is its quality and availability. The sad truth is that many water storage companies make false claims about their products and storage systems. You have to select a company that can deliver what it promises. But it is not all bad news. There are companies that are reliable and sell quality products in the market.

There is a simple way to determine the integrity of the company. A simple way to tell? Ask questions, a lot of questions.

Ask about the number of years they have been active in the industry, the certifications, and patents it holds, the quality of the material used by them, and whether their goods are available in your country or state for purchase. You should know the general reputation they have in the market. Only when the overall result is positive should you go ahead with their products.

Keeping all these pointers in mind, ReadyMadeWater can give you the perfect solution for all your water woes. The RMW water system is a patented technology that can be connected directly to your home as well as commercial water lines. In fact, we are the only patented inline water storage system. We have been active from 2008 and have established a good reputation for ourselves. Our current customers bear testimony to the fact that we provide an effective water storage solution during emergencies and otherwise.

The entire purpose of ReadyMadeWater storage systems is to make available usable hot and cold water to you during emergencies. Also, the water storage tanks are self-rotating and have an automatic shutoff ability that can retain water during a water shortage. RMW storage systems have a strong pumping system that adjusts the pressure as per the situation. In addition to this, if you decide to move houses, you can disconnect the water tank(s) and reinstall in at your new place. You will only need to install a singular pipe and it’ll be functioning in no time!

Our company, ReadyMadeWater gives you quality and durability at an affordable price. This state-of-the-art storage system is really simple to install and maintenance free as well. Our mission statement, “Sustaining Life With You In Mind” speaks volumes about our customer-centric business module. All in all, you can most certainly never go wrong when you place your trust in ReadyMadeWater, LLC for your water storage systems.